The Importance of Having a Backup for Your Data

“Sediakan payung sebelum hujan” – A famous Malay proverb that directly means to put up an umbrella before it rains.

In other words, you should be prepared for all possible future events. By predicting outcomes, you can solve problems as quick as possible or prevent them  from occurring in the first place.

Having a backup plan is certainly necessary. I don’t know what will happen in the future. So it’s best to be able to add extra shields for important data. There are many reasons to back up your data, especially if you work in a team.

This is why..

#1 Data Accessibility

Despite the fact that the world is already fashion, most emplyers still allow their employees to work from home. Accessible data is important in situations.

You should ensure that all such data is secure and up-to-date. Therefore, regular backups are neccessary when multiple people are working on the same file

#2 Protection from Power Outages

We cannot predict the future. What if something big happens unexpectedly? Oh, shall we say… Blackout?

Your computer can occasionally be damaged by factors beyond your control. A power outage, whether caused by a severe storm or an indiscriminate power outage, can completely destroy a device’s hard drive. Backing up your data regularly or allowing your system to do so ensures that a power outage won’t cause you to lose important data.

#3 Additional Anti-Virus Protection

Did you know that Internet viruses can attack your computer? Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet running Windows, Apple, or Linux, computer viruses and other forms of malware can attack your computer. Vulnerable to threats. If your computer is affected, all your documents and files can be lost completely within hours. While backing up your files regularly is an additional layer of defence against Internet virus risks, using antivirus software is clearly a way to eliminate or reduce the risk of virus-related threats.

#4 Preventing Hard Drive Failure

There are countless reasons why a hard drive malfunctions. Some hard drives start failing when certain components wear out or suffer other damage. Also, not all hard drives crash instantly. Some hard drives gradually deteriorate over time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the well-known head crash in your hard drive, or if individual components start failing one after another. Either way, this will lead to data loss.

#5 Regain Data if Operating System Fails

There are several reasons why an operating system crashes, but the vast majority of computer crashes are caused by operating system failures. OS or operating system is the program that manages all other application programs in your computer. Some operating systems crash because of improper memory allocation, others because of software bugs or numerous application errors that accumulate over time. Backups are very effective in preserving information in case the operating system crashes..

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