Simple Domain Transfer
Transferring domain name has never been easier with Mondoze’s automated, fast and stress-free domain transfer process. Rest assured and relax as all actions will be performed behind the scene to avoid website downtime.

Why Transfer To Mondoze?

If you find that your current domain provider is not giving the service you need or you feel that the price is higher, or maybe you just want to consolidate your domains to a new domain provider. No matter what is your reason, Mondoze will assist you in our domain transfer as our goal is to provide the simplest and easy transfer process.

International Domain Transfer

Please take note that before we proceed with your domain name transfer, the following steps have to be performed.
Please take note, if your domain name have been registered recently and is not 60 days old yet, the domain will not be eligible for a transfer. It is a Universal Domain Transfer Rule that a domain name can only be transferred 60 days after its registration.

MYNIC .MY Domain Transfer

MYNIC Domain Transfer is better known as Changing Invoicing Party. This means you are changing your existing .MY domain provider to Mondoze. You just need to visit Login and manage your domain name.
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Domain Transfer

Will I lose the remaining hosting time with my current registrar?

For Generic TLDs like .com, .info, .club, etc., the remaining time that you have with your current registrar will be carried over. In addition, your domain will be renewed for one year as part of the transfer.

If you renew your domain name after the expiration date, you will need to wait 45 days before you can transfer. Otherwise, you may lose the renewal year that you paid for with the previous registrar.

When it comes to country-code extensions (.com, .tw, .sg, .cc, etc.), each Registry may set its own rules.

Can I transfer expired domain?

Sure. You only need to unlock the domain with your current Registrar and get the Auth/EPP code from them. Once you have the code, you can submit the transfer here. Please contact our Support Team if you require further assistance.

Can I transfer domain for more than 1 year?

By choosing Mondoze cheap domain transfer, the remaining time you had left with your old registrar is automatically included. The 1 year you register for with Mondoze is added on top. Extra renewals can be made after you have transferred.

How long does it take to transfer a domain name?

A domain transfer generally takes 5-7 days.