Enhance your IT infrastructure with the robust & reliable Tier III enterprise grade facilities.

Mondoze's IP Transit

Mondoze utilizes multiple data centers in Malaysia to ensure data stability with multi-level backup and provide reliable, accessible and secured services to our customers. Being one of the premier IP Transit provider in Malaysia, Mondoze provides access to more networks directly with lower latency and fewer hops. Mondoze supports IPv6 and IPv4 over the same connection. Once you get an IP Transit connection from Mondoze, you are already set to add IPv6 support for your customers.

Our IP Transit Services Include

99.9% Uptime

We ensure your network uptime with the lowest latency and packet drop.

Monitoring Network System

We scan and monitor network traffic in real-time to identify abnormalities and block malicious traffic.

Advanced Detection Techniques

Built-in attack profiles, statistical and behavioral analysis methods are used to rapidly identify attacks.

Clean Pipe Network

Our premium network removes all internet traffic, prevents malware, spam and viruses without incurring hardware expense. Rest assured that your data is safe and protected.

Full Bandwidth Utilization

We scan and remove threats to maintain clean traffic, so you get the maximum bandwidth usage you've purchased. Exactly 100% of what you've paid for.

Anti DDos Protection

With the aid of built-in detection and mitigation tools, our premium network is able to prevent any possible DDoS attack before it reaches your server.

Require IP Transit Consultation?

Request a consultation with our friendly support team via Live Chat or our Support Portal.

Dedicated Support Team

At Mondoze, our customers can access to a host of experienced technical experts. Since 2012, we have built a professional team to give advice for both small and large scale environments.
Our services include: