Corporate Social Responsibility
Mondoze’s mission is to offer the best products and support to all our valued customers.

We Serve The Best For All

Since 2012, Mondoze helps people around the world to build online businesses. We strive to support positive economic, social and environmental actions for everyone. That’s why we call upon our partners, clients, customers and friends to join us to generate meaningful contributions together.

Let us Help You, Help Them

We wish to increase our participation in charity events. Besides hosting websites, we also host community-based initiatives to deliver contributions and to spend quality time with them in hopes to bring much needed cheer to the less fortunate.
Mondoze Contributes PC, Laptops to National Elephant Conservation Centre
17 November 2020
Kit Asas Covid-19 untuk Media
31 August 2020
Caring for the forgotten: A Mondoze Corporate Social Responsibility
1 February 2020

Greater Collaboration, Greater Impact

We open for all sponsorship and collaboration opportunities that brings us closer to the community, whilst building stronger bond with industry’s dynamic players. We aim to create alliances with non-governmental organisations (NGO) in creating a better world for future generations. Rest assured that your initiatives are well supported by Mondoze. We are always eager to help!
Mondoze Sponsors and Joins The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards
11 October 2019
Mondoze as Silver Sponsor for SME Digital Tech 4.0 Conference 2019
19 April 2019
Mondoze is The Strategic Partner of Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2018
17 July 2018

Sponsorship Policy

1. Introduction


This Policy outlines Shinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd (Shinjiru)’s approach in managing sponsorship applications and the form of sponsorship arrangements Shinjiru will undertake.


The objective of Shinjiru’s Sponsorship Policy is to:
a. Coordinate sponsorship activities
b. Ensure the suitability of the sponsorship activity, and
c. Understand the value of the sponsorship activity in terms of return on investment.
2. Policy Statement


The goal of Shinjiru’s outgoing sponsorships is to connect with target audiences in ways that reinforce meaningful and positive perceptions of the Company by engaging the community, increase brand awareness and encouraging new business.


Sponsorship is an important tool for demonstrating the Company’s citizenship and brand credentials, raising awareness and profile, accessing target markets and engaging with communities.


This document acts as a framework to maximise opportunities, as a provider of sponsorship, by enabling sponsorship proposals to be assessed fairly and equally, and by ensuring that Shinjiru maximizes the full potential benefit from any sponsorship arrangement into which it enters.


This policy intends to:
a. Ensure that Shinjiru’s outgoing sponsorships are consistent with the Company’s strategic direction, core values and brand attributes.

b. Define the business area responsible for a sponsorship agreement.

c. Raise awareness of sponsorship as a valuable component of the Company’s community engagement, reputation management and marketing
d. Define sponsorship limitations and criteria, and

e. Establish a process for the assessment and coordination of sponsorship opportunities.

3. Policy Content


Types of sponsorship



Sponsorship may be in the form of in-kind or financial support, or a combination of both.
In-kind support may take the form of:
a. Promotional support, such as internal promotion of an event, use of the Company’s promotional tools such as our website, social media platforms and email blast
b. Use of Shinjiru facilities (buildings, grounds, equipment) and intellectual expertise (personnel expertise), or
c. Supply of Shinjiru branded merchandise.


Financial support will take the form of a monetary amount for which the Company is invoiced.
4. Guidelines and Procedure


These guidelines and procedures are intended to both assist applicants applying for sponsorship and provide criteria for the Company in assessing these applications.




Information relating to overall administrative and procedural requirements necessary for the implementation of the policy and procedure.


Sponsorship categories


Shinjiru classifies sponsorship into two categories:
a. Corporate

b. Community Engagement


Sponsorship criteria


Sponsorships for all categories should possess the following common core criteria:
a. Consistent with the Company’s brand attributes, strategic direction and core values
b. Provides mutually beneficial outcomes
c. Enhances the Company’s reputation
d. Promotional opportunities for the Company (internally and/or externally)
e. Strengthens and supports brand awareness.
5. Corporate Sponsorship


Corporate sponsorship is defined as an opportunity to provide financial or in-kind support to an organisation or project that will enhance the Company’s corporate reputation.
Approved corporate sponsorships will meet core, and the following additional criteria:
a. Beneficial to the Company as a whole
b. Relevant to regional, state, national or international audiences
c. Enhances the Company’s profile and corporate citizenship credentials
d. Provides business opportunities.
6. Community Engagement Sponsorship


Community engagement sponsorship is defined as opportunities for the Company to participate in or assist community organisations’ initiatives.


Approved community engagement sponsorship will meet core, and the following additional criteria:
a. Provides direct benefit to the community
b. Creates opportunities for the Company to build relationships with community organisations and leaders
c. Preferably provides opportunities for staff and/or management participation
d. Demonstrates the Company’s commitment towards good corporate citizenship
e. Provides business opportunities.
7. Grounds for Rejection


Shinjiru will NOT consider sponsorship of:
a. Proposals that do not reflect the Company’s core values, strategic direction and brand attributes
b. Sponsorships that may be construed as racially prejudice or otherwise discriminatory
c. Sponsorships that may present a reputation risk
d. Any sponsorship which may be considered to be a conflict of interest for the Company
8. Submission


All sponsorship applications, regardless of the extent or type of funding or potential funding source, must be submitted to the Company for consideration via a Sponsorship Application Form and Checklist available on the Company website and sent to


Sponsorships may be considered at any time during the year. A minimum of four weeks from the date of the sponsorship request to the date of response is required.


Sponsorships will be limited to the available funds and the Company reserves the right to reject applications based on short and long-term budgetary planning.


Where the sponsorship program is an ongoing/annual event, continuation of sponsorship will not be guaranteed and unless agreed upon prior, will require the applicant to re-submit an application.
9. Procedure


The Digital Marketing/Sales/Finance Department and the Chief Executive Officer will assess the application and will respond to the request at the beginning of each month. The Company may consult other business areas/stakeholders/groups/external organisations in relation to the application.


Evaluation of sponsorship


It is important to systematically identify support given by the Company to enable appropriate reporting and evaluation:
a. As per the Sponsorship Evaluation Form, evaluation will be undertaken at the conclusion of each sponsorship to determine if the activity was successful and met the requirements
b. The evaluation will be documented, held on file and referred to when considering future involvement
c. Where sponsorship is ongoing, it will be reviewed annually.