Linux or Windows

Which Hosting Is For You: Linux or Windows?

Linux and Windows have always been options for business leaders to run servers. Most web hosts in Malaysia offer to start a Linux server, but what about Windows?
This week, learn which of these Linux or Windows dedicated servers will give you more benefits.

Budget and Licence

Linux is an open source operating system and is free, but Microsoft markets Windows as a commercial product. Therefore, hosting providers using Windows Server must purchase a license. Then the hosting company will charge the cost, so Windows hosting will be a bit more expensive than Linux, where you only have to spend on hardware and services.

For those unfamiliar with hosting, you can’t run a server on the free version of Windows 10. Windows Server Datacentre license required.


Speaking of popularity, well… Unix wins. According to a W3Techs study, in October 2022, over 80.4% of all websites on the Internet will use Unix hosting systems. 37.33% of all Unix websites use Linux, the open source version of the system. One of the leading Linux distributions powers 33.8% of all websites, while Raspbian, Mandriva, Mageia, and Trisquel together power just 0.1% of all websites.

Despite all this, Windows is used by higher traffic websites compared to Linux. But why are Linux the most users? It’s because Linux hosting doesn’t require you to be a programmer. Simple steps include finding a name, building the website on WordPress, and publishing. Of course, many people have done this, resulting in numerous Linux host websites.


We’ve reached the main difference between Linux hosting and Windows hosting. While Windows requires special Microsoft software to run and manage data, Linux uses custom software and supports most computer languages.
Windows servers use MSSQL and Linux runs on MySQL. Microsoft ASP.NET is the primary programming language used in Windows hosting. These aren’t particularly popular technologies, so most novice programmers have to put in a lot of effort to learn how to use them. Large organizations typically build their own servers using Windows Server Datacenter and MSSQL. Windows Hosting is a good choice if you are looking for a job in one of these areas, or if you think future projects will require managing legacy projects for large organizations. Additionally, if you need MSSQL or ASP.NET for your future job or to run programs on your website, Windows is the way to go.

Linux should meet your needs in every situation. The most widely used data management system is MySQL and has a lot of supporting software. It supports PHP, Perl, and Python, so it can be used by developers of all backgrounds.

However, if you want to configure a Linux server yourself, you should be familiar with Apache or NGINX. Linux is one of the easiest operating systems to use if you are a regular user and don’t need to configure hosting yourself. All you have to do is learn how to use CPanel, which is generally intuitive.

Linux or Windows?

We understand that deciding between these two can be difficult, but you can consider the following:
If you’re not a developer, you probably want to use Linux. Most of the needs a blog, wiki, or e-commerce website owner might have are covered by CPanel. Apart from that, you can use easy-to-use customization tools. Additionally, if outside assistance is required, hiring a contractor is more cost-effective than using Windows Server.

If you’re a developer. Windows is used as an internal server in many organizations and is definitely familiar, so using Windows makes sense for developers with a corporate background. Running a server on MSSQL is a great way to go for someone looking to work for a company, and it will look great on your resume. The same is true for developers who are already familiar with the ASP.NET stack, or who want to learn more to advance their career.

Where you can get this web hosting plan?

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